Easily monitor carbon monoxide with a handheld device

The MicroCO detects carbon monoxide levels on the breath and clearly displays them using color aids. With a slide switch, you can convert the results to %COHb.

Breath-holding support

The device features an onboard countdown timer to encourage patients to hold their breath for a sufficient time period.

Easy calibration

The device performs calibration at the push of a button.

Immediate results

A clear graphic display immediately returns results, without requiring a warm-up.

Simultaneous patient testing

An auto-zero function lets you immediately test numerous patients. 

Convenient design

The MicroCO features a small, portable and lightweight design with a textured handgrip.

Complete packaging

The MicroCO comes complete with accessories in a sturdy carry case.

Sensor type: Electro-chemical fuel cell
Range: 0–100 ppm
Resolution: 1 ppm
Green indicator light: 0–6 ppm (0–1% COHb)
Amber indicator light: 7–10 ppm (1.1–1.6 %COHb)
Red indicator light: 11–72 ppm (1.8–12 % COHb)
Flashing red light + alarm: > 72 ppm (> 12% COHb)
Accuracy: ±5% of reading of 1 ppm, whichever is the greater
Sensitivity drift: 0.5%/°C
Sensor life: 2–5 years
Response time: < 15 sec (to 90% of reading)
Hydrogen cross sensitivity: < 15%
Operating temperature: 15–25 °C
Operating pressure: Atmospheric ±10%
Pressure coefficient 0.02% signal per mbar
Relative humidity: 15–90%, non-condensing (0–99% intermittent)
Baseline drift: 0 ppm (auto-zero)
Long term drift: < 2% signal loss per month
Power source single: Alkaline 9 V PP3
Main battery life: 30 h of continuous use, equivalent to approximately 2,000 tests
Internal battery life: 10 years
Weight: 160 g (including battery)
Dimensions: 170 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm
Display: 3.5-digit LCD
Storage and transport humidity: 30–90% RH
Storage and transport temperature: -20–+70 °C
Ppm to %COHb: Slide switch

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