Vmax Vyntus™ SPIRO

Advance your lung function testing through spirometry precision

Vmax Vyntus™ SPIRO works with a stationary PC to help you easily provide accurate lung function testing in your practice, clinic or hospital. It also configures with a compact notebook to provide a portable spirometry station.

Optimized usage, flexibility and quality control

Powered by SentrySuite® software, measurement programs offer ease of use, optimize flexibility and promote quality control.

Dynamic age range

The excellent dynamic range allows you to test a broad range of ages, from small children to adults and athletes.

Testing versatility

The device performs all essential FVC, SVC, MVV, pre-/post-medication and bronchial challenge spirometry tests.

Proven quality and accuracy

The pneumotach has been selected as the measurement device of choice in many published studies.

Animation options

During testing, the spirometry device offers 10 animation incentives for the patient to focus on.

System integration

The device integrates with the Vmax® Encore PFT system and MasterScreen™ PFT system networks using SentrySuite software.

Simplified hygiene

The device can be used with the MicroGard® filter for a faster and comprehensive hygiene solution.

Data sharing

You can share pulmonary function test data results with your HIS using our EMR connection.

Vmax Vyntus SPIRO
Type: High-quality pneumotach
Range: 0.1–±16 L/s
Resolution: 1 mL/s
Accuracy: 0.1–14 L/s: ±5% of reading or 0.2 L/s, whichever is greater
Resistance: < 0.51 cm H2O/L/s at 10 L/s
Type: Digital integration
Range: ±8 L
Resolution: 1 mL
Accuracy: 0.5–8 L: ±3% of reading or 0.05 L, whichever is greater
Ambient conditions
Altitude: 6,400' (2,000 m)
Temperature: 10–34 °C (50–93.2 °F)
Humidity: 20–80% RH, non-condensing
Pressure: 600–795 mmHg
Power supply
Main voltage: 5 VDC via USB

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