About the Center

In hospitals across the country, healthcare professionals continuously monitor their patients' ever-changing conditions to provide safe and effective care. Similarly, in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment, clinicians and administrators also need to stay abreast of the latest research findings, changing practices, standards of care, regulations and technologies. The challenge is immense.

To help the healthcare community meet this challenge, the Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence was founded in 2002 to serve as an independent resource to help foster the development and dissemination of best practices, critical insights and innovations nationwide. The Center works with nationally and internationally recognized thought leaders to create conferences, educational programs, working groups, publications, web-based programming and industry initiatives that can help clinicians and administrators continuously improve the safety, quality of care and financial performance of their institutions.

The Center serves as a focal point for iterative cycles of:

  • Transforming data into information into knowledge;
  • Using that knowledge to generate new data, new information, and new knowledge; and
  • Disseminating data, information and knowledge nationwide.

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