Ventilation Challenges in Critical Care Transport


Wade Scoles
Wade Scoles,
Chief Transport RRT,
Northwest Medstar

"Program of the Year," AAMS Community Award, 2012

Recognized for their emergency medical program that has demonstrated a superior level of patient care, management prowess, quality leadership through visionary and innovative approaches, customer service, safety consciousness, marketing ingenuity, community service and/or commitment to the medical transport community as a whole.

"Instructor of the Year," Spokane EMS 2010
"Practitioner of the Year," Surface and Air Transport
Specialty of AARC 2011

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Webinar summary

The goal of transferring a critically ill patient to a tertiary referral center is to stabilize the patient and improve long term outcome. The transport itself must be as safe as possible, without posing additional risks. However, research revealed a number of preventable events. 1,2 When you get a call, are you and your team ready? Are you doing everything you can the right way?

Learn from the 2012 Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) Program of the Year supervisor and educator. In this rapid series of case studies, you will receive problem-solving strategies for managing critically ill patients in transport. The speaker will describe the preliminary condition of each patient including triage information and interventions required to stabilize during transport. Disease processes, treatments and outcomes will be discussed.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss management options and challenges of managing a severely asthmatic patient during transport
  • Discuss management options and challenges of an acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) patient during transport
  • Discuss challenges of noninvasive ventilation during transport

  1. Ligtenberg j, Arnold G, et al. Quality of inter-hospital transport of critically ill patients: a prospective audit. Critical Care 2005, 9:R446-R451.
  2. Warren J., Fromm R. et al. Guidelines for the inter-and intrahospital transport of critically ill patients. Critical Care Medicine: January 2004, 32(1):256-262.