• Pyxis® Supply Technologies - Hospital Inventory Management
    The Pyxis CathRack system from CareFusion manages supplies used in cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology labs, such as pacemakers, ICDs, stents, vascular grafts, catheters and guide wires.
  • CareFusion Coordination Engine

    CCE integrates CareFusion technologies and HIT systems, providing a single platform supporting a hospital or multiple facilities within an IDN.

  • Brochures - Perioperative Solutions
    CareFusion Brochures Brochures Data Insight for Pyxis ® Technologies Knowledge Portal for Pyxis ® Supply Technologies Pyxis ® Anesthesia ES system Pyxis ® Anesthesia system 3500 Pyxis ® Anesthesia system 4000 Pyxis ® Anesthesia system and Codonics Safe Label
  • Improving the safety and cost of healthcare for generations to come.
    * CareFusion technologies may help hospitals reduce the risk of certain infections when used in conjunction with other clinical best practices and interventions.
  • Safety and Clinical Excellence
    The Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence at CareFusion serves as an independent resource to help foster the development and dissemination of best practices, clinical insights and innovations nationwide.
  • Clinical Thoughts
    Join CareFusion clinical experts as they address issues affecting the practice and process of healthcare today and into the future. Browse entries below by topic area or author, subscribe to Perspectives to receive the latest updates, and join the conversation on Twitter.
  • Infection Prevention
    Cindi’s work in CareFusion’s Medical Affairs Department represents the perfect culmination of a career that has always focused on combining education with research to improve patient care.
  • Medication Management
    Follow Dr. Tim Vanderveen, Vice President of the Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence at CareFusion, as he discusses trends in medication management.
  • OR Effectiveness
    “We’ve entered an unprecedented period of change in healthcare. New demands on all fronts—clinical, financial and political—are redefining the future of our industry.”
  • Respiratory Care
    Follow Dr. Carlos Nunez, Chief Medical Officer at CareFusion as he explores trends and issues facing the healthcare industry and in respiratory care practices.