• Respiratory Care, Systems, and Therapy Equipment
    CareFusion's industry-leading respiratory care systems & therapy equipment delivers more positive patient outcomes, improves safety, & reduces cost.
  • Alaris®IV Sets and Accessories
    When it comes to IV safety, you want reliable products that can help protect you, your clinicians and patients from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Our extensive portfolio of IV sets and accessories help protect you from the costs and harm caused by HAI's.
  • SurFlash® peripheral IV catheter
    The SurFlash® peripheral IV catheter dual flash design can increase first stick success. Every stick counts.
  • SurFlash® peripheral IV catheter video
    CareFusion SurFlash® Peripheral IV Catheter Video SurFlash ® peripheral IV catheter video
  • Case Study: RW Johnson
    Challenge: Infections were negatively impacting patient safety and the bottom line but the data to identify risk areas and standardize treatment was lacking.
  • Pyxis MedStation® system - Medication Management
    The Pyxis MedStation system from CareFusion is an automated dispensing cabinet supporting the decentralized medication management process by providing an added safety precaution for medications often at risk of diversion.
  • Anesthesia Management, Pyxis Anesthesia ES System

    The new Pyxis Anesthesia ES system from CareFusion extends the value of Pyxis ES platform solutions to OR and procedural areas and provides simple, safer patient-centric workflows and enhanced security.

  • Pyxis® Enterprise Server - Integrated Systems Management

    The Pyxis Enterprise Server from CareFusion provides hospitals and health systems a scalable, flexible foundation for managing Pyxis ES technologies on a single database.

  • Pyxis MedStation® ES System - Overview Video
    CareFusion Overview Video Pyxis MedStation ® ES System - Overview Video
  • Infusion Documentation
    A wide range of documents are available to answer your questions on your CareFusion infusion products. Click on the appropriate section below to access the information you need: